How It Works

All you need to start your Telemedicine visit:


Step 1.

Establish medical care or setup a one-time visit.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to get connected with a doctor! 

Step 2.

Speak with your doctor.

At your appointment time, we will send a link to your phone or email to join the call with your doctor.

Discuss your symptoms and medical needs so your provider can determine the treatment plan that is right for you.

Step 3.

Receive Your Treatment!

Obtain the treatment and prescription(s) from your doctor so you can feel better faster!

Step 4.

Schedule a follow up or call us again in the future!

If you would like to establish care for routine visits, you can schedule a follow up and even keep the same doctor!

If not, call us when you need us in the future. We are always happy to help!

A few suggestions before your appointment to ensure the smoothest possible Telemedicine visit:

1. Ensure that you are connected to stable Wi-Fi.

2. Check your phone and/or computer settings to allow both video and audio.

3. Find a quiet place away from other people or distractions.

4. Be sure your phone and/or computer volume is loud enough to hear the doctor.

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