Weight Loss

We believe you are unique and deserve personalized weight loss solutions. Therefore, we offer 3 specialized services to help achieve your weight loss goals with a tailored approach. Please contact our office to discuss which weight loss solution will best suit your needs!

Weight Scale

Tier 1: Weight Loss Lipotropic and Vitamin Injections:

MIC+B-12 (Methylcobalamin) $30/injection | $100 for 4 injections

B-12 (Methylcobalamin) $20/injection | $60 for 4 injections

Vitamin B-Complex $25/injection | $80 for 4 injections

Tier 2: Weight Loss Drip

Weight Loss Drip


Our signature Weight Loss Drip is formulated to boost your metabolism and provide the energy you need to achieve your weight loss goals! Packed with amino acids and B vitamins, this drip is the perfect solution for to attain a healthy weight, especially in conjunction with a diet and exercise. 


B-Complex | Amino Acids | Biotin | Glutathione | Magnesium | Methylcobalamin

Tier 3: Weight Loss Premium Package Bundle $249/month

  • Personalized weight and activity monitoring designated by one of our nurses
  • Dietary education and guidance throughout each month from nurse
  • 1 Signature Weight Loss Drip per month
  • 2 Intramuscular MIC Injections or Vitamin B-12 Injections per month

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Call our office today at (931) 787-1180 to speak to our office about your weight loss goals!

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